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King Jesus

Daniel Chapter 12

Posted by handmaiden777 on 2006.12.13 at 16:49
Well, here we are at the end of the book of Daniel. Chapter 12 is like an epilogue; tying up loose ends. We've seen the History and survival of the 4 Hebrew boys in Chps 1-6 and Prophecy in Chp. 7-12. Hopefully, this study has given us a practical lesson for us to apply today.

This Chapter begins with the fall of Jeruslem ends with the restoration of Israel and the beginning of the millenial reign. It spams the time of the gentiles. Tells of the suffering and problems, the Annointed One, and our future.

Daniel Chapter 12:

verse 1 The Time of the End!
-Michael is Israel's guardian angel
-the names in the book to be delivered
1. At that time- Chp 11 end times
2. Michael- great prince- a powerful Angel helped Gabriel to get through
- helped to cast satan from heaven
Question: Is Michael the most Powerful Angel?________________________________________________________________________

3. Israel's protector
4. will arise- protect and defend
5. A time of distress (words like Tribulation, end times)
6. Delviered a specific group
7. The Book is the Lamb's Book of Life
verse 2 Some good news
Ressurrection promise
-1. Ressurection of Life (believers)
-2. Ressurection of damnation (unbelievers and there's 1000 years between these)

* 4 Phases of Resurrection(LIFE)
1. Jesus and a few OT Saints (in Matthew)
2. Resurrection of the Church THE RAPTURE
3. Resurrection of the two witnesses in Revelations
4. Resurrection of the tribulation saints and the rest of OT saints

* Phases of Damnation resurrection(ONLY 1 Phase)
unbelievers at the end of the millennium, white throne judgement

Question: Will the Jews be resurrected?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
HINT:(Messianic Jews and Church- phase 2; OT Saints- believeing Israel in phase one and 4; Some fleeing jews in the tribulation will be a fleshly remnant to live in 1000 year reign.)

verse 3 A promise to soul winner that the wise will shine!

verse 4 Seal up the book
-preserve the words
-explosion of knowledge
Question: Are we seeing that today?__________________________________________________________________________

verse 5 Two heavenly beings
-one on each side of me (the Tigris River)
verse 6 A question for Jesus
-How Long?
verse 7 Jesus takes an oath
-one hand raised, is oathlike
-Dan. 4:16 the 3 1/2 years and 3 1/2 years 1260 days.

verse 8 I just don't get it
- Daniel is a very intelligent and educated man yes he doesn't get it
verse 9 Don't worry about it
-go your way- you're not fully meant to get it

verse 10 A great seperation
-many will be saved and refined
-1/3 Jews and Gentiles will believe God's Word and accpet the Messiah
-there will be revivals in tribulation
What god sent!
- 144000 jewish evangelists
-two witnesses
-God's Angel that says, " WOE, WOE , WOE!"
But, eventhe Apostle Paul tells us it goes from bad to worse.
-eye of understanding

verse 11 An Extra 30 days
- 1290 days
Question: The Abomination allowed to exist 30 days longer, WHY?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Some possibilites:
1. It will take time to rid earth of the AntiChrist impact
2. It will take that long for nations to gather
3. Grace Period- before judgement.

Verse 12 45 more days
-1225 days (Blessed are the ones who endure and make it through)
Questions: Speculate as to why 45 more days?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
If the ones who make it through the 45 days are blessed, then what does it mean that some won't make it?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Some scholars say the reason for the 45 days, Jesus is judging the nations.

verse 13 Some Final Advice for Daniel
1. Go your way- live life!
2. Rest will come- Daniel's death
3. At the end of Days(Tribulation, 1290, 1335 days)
4. Promise of Arising, ressurrection
5. An inheritance for him for being faithful

All right, this is the end of the bible study on the book of Daniel. Hopefully, Holy Spirit enightened you with practical teaching and applications for your life as He did Daniel.
Daniel couldn't grasp this stuff. But, He and other OT Prophets were like looking over Mountaintops from a valley...this was before the Messiah came( The reason we celebrate now in this season, BTW.) It took God comging to earth and ressurrecting and ascending into heaven so that a fuller image could be for us...John got to see a fuller vision...but, even his leaves us with wonderings...
As this study closes, reread verse 13 and take God's Advice to Daniel into our hearts and minds...be blessed and do all the good you can, all the time for all the people you can.-John Wesley

King Jesus

Chapter 9 of Daniel

Posted by handmaiden777 on 2006.11.20 at 20:37
This is Daniel's famous prayer with God's answer. Open your bibles to Daniel chapter 9.

vs. 1- When this takes place, Babylon fell in 538BC so one year later.

vs 2- Daniel discovered Jeremiah's 70 years of exile and desolation prophecy.

vs 3- Daniel's response: 1. he humbled himself(sackcloth) 2. Fast 3. Pray 4. Petition God.

vs 4- He is Lord- giving God All the Honor and Glory!!
Question: What is confession?__________________________________________

(answers: to give an account, to admit we sin,to say the same thing God does(really, sincerely in our hearts)
Confession is like a match game with God.

vs 5- We are guilty!

vs 6-We have not listened. ( the sins of comission and omission)

Prayer is not us getting God to adjust the program, it as adjusting to God's Program.

vs 7- Unfaithfulness has a price.
shame= people

vs 8-Shame! Shame!

Why prayer is not answered?
1. unbelief James 1:5, Heb. 11:6
2. a wrong reason James 4:3
3. sin in your life Is. 59:2, John 9:31
4. neglecting needs of others Prov. 21:13
5. not forgiveness in heart Mark 11:25
6. it's not God's will Luke 22:42
7 self exalting Luke 18:9-14

vs 9 The character of God.
-mercy, forgiving

vs 10 We have been unfaithful
-obedience, law of moses, prophets tell us.
(Pray for authorities, God's workers, God's will, peace in Israel, for others, and wisdom)

Daniel is telling us how to pray- this compares with Jesus' Lord's prayer!

vs 11 Being "Cursed" is a choice
law, curses
1. Obey God=blessingd
2. Disobey God= curses
( it's black and white folks)

vs 12 God fulfills His Word.

vs 13 We refuse to change!
-that's why things happen

vs 14 God is righteous.
- there was a cause and effect. God allowed that cause and effect to happen. ex. Noah and the ark. We ask God- but, aren't LIVING IT!

vs 15 God's name is great!
-remembering all God has done!

Question: Now, look at these verses, examine your prayer life. How do you pray? How much do you talk with God? Do you take the seriousness like Daniel did? If we be truthful we spent very little with God talking to him.

Do you think if we patterned prayer as Daniel, daily commitment...Daniel prayed 3 times daily...and fasted...we would get answers?

Jerusalem is God's City
- guess what folks, God gets angry, jealous

vs 16 God owns Jerusalem

vs 17 For Your Glory
-God doesn't have to listen to your prayers, you have to ask him.

vs 18 We ask for mercy

vs 19 A final request
Daniel ask God to listen, forgive, hear-act, no delay in answer.

vs 20 The confession of Daniel

vs 21 Before the prayer ended, the answer!
-before he got to the AMEN! Now that's fast!

vs 22-24: More FYI for Daniel, insights, Info...Angel is there to help...Daniel is esteemed, thus the swiftness...490 years are to do with 6 things: How long is 70 sevens? Who is your people? You city refers to?

70 X 7 = 490 years?

-god will finish the transgression
-end to sin
-God will atone
-everlasting forgiveness
-seal up the vision
-annoint the most high( Messiah/temple)

vs 25 When does God's clock start?

from the building /restoring of Jerusalem until---
( is wasn't ticking when Gabriel is with Daniel, now. God's clock doesn'y tick continuously.)
-Not with Cyrus ( no mention od rebuilding)
-not with Darius or Artexerses first decree either.
-Atraxerses 2nd decree though- ticks...second month of Nissan 20th year of him.

-rebuilding of Jerusalem 7 X 7= 49
-Annointed one comes 62 X 7 = 434
( this isn't coming as the babe time...this is to His triumphant entry in Luke 19: 41-44)

So, the Starting date with Atraxerses and ending with triumphant entry.

vs 26 After the 62 X 7 = 434 years
=annointed one cut off( crucified/ He finished it! )
=destruction of the city/sanctuary 70 AD
=war till the end ( the antichrist, future, romans being the people that he will come from)
The Clocked stopped. It has been 1900+. when will it start to fulfill the last things?
This is the final Seven years. Daniel's 70th week.
Remember though the anti christ confirming a covenant with Israel- false one 3 1/2 years into the 7 year tribulation period.


Now, Chapters 10-12 work together.

Chp 10 is all one vision
Chp 11 is the vision itself
Chp 12 is epilogue

( we will be discussing the unseen spiritual world, fallen angels, demonic spirits)

King Jesus

Daniel Chp. 7 and 8

Posted by handmaiden777 on 2006.11.15 at 17:07
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Chapters 1-6 was an historical look, and Now Chapters 7-12 are the prophecy. These are not in chronological order. Partly a future fo Daniel, mostly for us today. Old Roman Empire is a future for Daniel. But, History for us today. He's told to Seal the words several times, until the end. There are two views:
1. The beast are world kingdoms
2. The Symbols are time are too different to mean that.

Chapter 7 of the Book of Daniel( get your Bibles out for the verse by Verse rundown)

These cover future events. Some take the empires in viewpoint one as their take. Some Take viewpoint 2. Some of the symbols are different.
Reasons for this:
-Chapter 2 has 5 elements; Chapter 7 4 beast
-Timing is different- one is 1st year of Belshazzer.
-end of kingdoms is different;
~ elements don't outlast the last one.
~ Beast 1 through 3 outlast the 4th
-Relationship of the Kingdoms differ
~beast live at the same time

-beast are alive when Jesus comes, the elements aren't
-didn't know who winged lion was
-all in the future
-two horned ram is Medes-Persia not a bear
-shaggy goat is Greece not a leopard
You may find some conclusions here, but not all, partial initial prophecy.

vs 1- 539 bc aproximately the time. A sleeping Daniel- he wrote it down this is similiar to John.

vs 2- 4 winds of heaven;Day of Darkness, a storm coming, Heavenly or demonic?
( the great sea is probably the Mediterranian. But, could be referring to a sea of humanity.)

vs 3-4 big beast/ each different
-winged lion with wings pulled ott
~ it looks like a lion( KEY)
~ weakened militarity
~ wicked heart of mind

vs 5 @nd Beast
~ warlike , hungery
(Russia? Gog, Magog? Ezek. 38-39)

vs 6 3rd beast
-leopard like
~wings like a bird
~has authority to conquer
~not Greece

vs 7 4th beast
~wicked world kingdom

vs 8 the Little horn
-will have an insignificant beginning, but will grow

vs 9 Ancient of Days(This vision part 2)

vs 10 River of fire
-a day in court
-books opened
( this will take place in the presense of the angels and redeemed)
-every knee will bow

There are 7 judgements:
1. believers sin John 5:24( when Christ died for us)
2. self 1 Cor 11:31
3. Believers works 1 Cor 15:3-11
4. Nations Matt. 25:31-46
6. Isreal Ezek 20:30-38
7. unbelievers Rev. 20:11-15

vs 11 Shut your mouth( vision part 3)
-the boasting of the Antichrist will be shut
-in the lake of fire he goes.

vs 12 A big Power Loss
-other beast stripped and allowed to live for a time

vs 13 The Son of Man ( Vision part 4
-one like

vs 14 The Real CEO
- a dominion everlasting

vs 15 Anxiety Attack
- daniel is disturbed

vs 16 I wanted to Know

vs 17 Future
- will arise 4, so it cannot be Babylon.

vs 18 And the winner is---
-GOD, The Church which is the trib saints, saints, and believing Isreal

vs 19- I also wanted to know
-the meaning of the 4th beast

vs 20 The 10 horns meaning
- 3 of 10 will fall
-imposing more

vs 21 Good verses Evil war
-battle coming

vs 22 Tell me more
-the Ancient of Days will sit on the throne and Saints win the judgement, possess the kingdom

vs 23 this is the answer
-4th kingdom is very different
-earthly kingdom
-devour whole earth
-trample and crush

vs 24 You asked about those horns
- antichrist a very bad dude from the abyss

vs 25 You asked about those saints
-The AC will blaspheme God, Slander God, Slander Church, Slander those in heaven, and oppress the Saints.

vs 26 It is the Decision of God
-AC is destroyed

vs 27 5th and last kingdom
Christ's Kingdom!!!!!!!

vs 28 I don't feel so good
- Daniel is troubled...this is heavy stuff...

Imagine yourself as Daniel, How would you feel if you had this revealed to you?


Chapter 8

To begin what is dispensation? It's the way God did and does things...right now the dispensation of Grace is on us...but Daniel and people then were under the Law.

Up to Now, Daniel got how the gentiles are effected.

vs 1 The Vision of the ram and the goat.( two years later from Chapter 7)

vs 2 The Place- Daniel is trantsported, like Phillip was in the New Testament when he witnessed to the Ethiopian.

vs 3 the Ram with 2 horns
Medes- Darius
Persia- Cyrus

vs 4 CHARGE!!!!!!!!!
- to the west---->north----->south

vs 5 The shaggy Goat one horn
Greece and Alexander the Great

vs 6 A furious Attack

vs 7 The Ram goes down
- the greek took it down

vs 8 the broken horn
- Alexander died...and his 4 general divided the spoils.

Note* one general Selenius gave way to Antiochus Epiphanes who later descreated the temple and placed a greek god and made them sacrifice pigs on the altar. He is a precurser to Our Future Antichrist. The same qualities in both.

vs 9-14 Will the real horn stand up
--south, east, beautiful land. He will be like the most high. The High Cost of low living will catch him though. What an angel wanted to know. How Long? 2,300 evening and mornings or 70 weeks.
( Daniel's famous 70 weeks)

vs 15 Daniel was confused
(you'd be too)

vs 16-17 Gabriel Explains
-end of time

vs 18 I couldn't take it!
- stress overtook Daniel of seeing this. The Angel stood him up.

vs 19 I have news for you.
-about the time of wrath

vs 20 Two horned Ram explained
-that it's persia and mededs

vs 21 Shaggy goat explained
(greece and alexander)

Note* twice told once earlier, it took twice for Daniel even to get it.

vs 22 4 Horns Explained
The 4 generals of Alexander
Cassander, Lysemuclus, Selecus, Ptolemy
-under Selecus came Antiochus. Selecus is considered the strongest of the four.

vs 23 The next world leader

vs 24 more FYI on him

vs 25 the rise and fall of Him
-he's a deciever, self exalts, covenants made falsely and broken, does what he wants, he will perish in a fiery lake

vs 26 It's hard to believe
(seal it up!)

vs 27 It was sickening!
- exhausted Daniel
- apalled
-beyond his understanding

As we close these chapters ; we can see the connection of Prophecy and History.

Next time Chapters 9-10 od The Book of Daniel.

King Jesus

Daniel Bible Study Chp. 5-6

Posted by handmaiden777 on 2006.10.19 at 21:31
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Nebuchanezzer King of Babylon came to God. But, as you look at his descendants, even though they knew/heard the wonders of God. They fell short. This helps us to realize God doesn't have grandchildren...He only has children. Doesn't He?

Nebuchanezzer's grand-son(Belshazzer) was co-regent with his daddy( Nabonidus) who was in hiding. 544BC he ruled...This is the King of Babylon on throne when she falls to the Medes-Persians.

Nebuchanezzer is dead. Daniel is probably about age 80.The Crown changed many times to Belshazzer

Open your Bibles
A Big Party
-all nobility is there.
(Medes-Persian join together)

The vessels from Jerusalem brought in for his guest to drink from.

A big Boast. They drank to their false gods. (imagine this defilement it would be like someone drinking whiskey from a church's communion vessels and toasting satan.)

The Hand - writing on the wall! And now, a scared almost sober king.

They call for the "wise men" of course, they can't interpret it. Will they ever learn only God can interpret?

He is getting even more afraid, the drunker the royalty gets.(the enemy is preparing to invade as this happens). the Queen says, (probably the Queen Mother) a daughter of Nebuchanezzer...says take it easy, remember Daniel, He'll know.

Are you Daniel? -he took the queen's advice. He heard the insight and wisdom of Daniel, but he didn't know God. Buffoons like the supposed wise men don't know. Belshazzer makes certain promises to Daniel. But, Daniel says, "keep those gifts!"

Remember Nebuchanezzer acknowledged God. But, you didn't. He made mistakes too. But, Belshazzer won't humble himself to God. REPENTENCE IS THE DIFFERENCE.

How could you be so foolish?
(How can we today?)

That's why He saw the hand and writing on the wall.

-mene (your number is up)
-tekal (weighed, you don't measure up)
-Peres=Parsin (double meaning) divided,division; and given.

And that's all He wrote for Belshazzer! Final Word!

5:29 He gave Daniel the promised gifts and made him 3rd highest ruler.( He Couldn't give co-regency with dad even though he was hiding. It why third highest)

A Big Invasion. A big Change. Darius the Median King sat on Throne, he was 62. This was foreordained.
-The Jews go back to Jerusalem and Cyrus mother and Father's marriage made the coalition for the Medes-Persians. Cyrus was miltitary leader, Darius was ruler, for now.

There isn't much time between the writing of the wall time and Darius' rule only 2 years, he was old and sickly.(senior citizen here)

Chp 6 of Daniel

Satraps, are set up to rule. Daniel finds favor-promotion. 120 satraps are governed by 3 , Daniel is one of the three.

We've got to get rid of him the others conspire. (anti-semitic)
So, they come up with a plan because there was nothing wrong with what Daniel did. they would use law against him. Lying, saying to Darius even Daniel wants this. To bring back old law of bowing to the king. So be it, Darius decreed it

Daniel had his prayer routine. He did what he normally did. three times daily he prayed. The men found him. No time was wasted. he was set up. they went back to Darius to tell him, a wedge was tried to be put between Daniel and Darius with these words.

This distressed the King. He was duped. The men were quick to say, remember your word-decree.

To the Lions Den. But, God will rescue you Daniel, Darius says...., the stone rolled in place and kinds seal with his ring. ( we can see the death and placing in sealed tomb of Jesus illustrated here.)

Darius did not sleep. a fast of sorts. He knew God would not fail Daniel. He got there early the next morning to check the Lion's Den. There was a hedge of protection around Daniel. He was alive! He , God, Shut the Lions Mouths , not a scratch!

Darius threw those accusers in the Lion's den with their families-wives and kids. They didn't even hit the bottom, the Lions got them before they did.

The King Prospered. There was a decree that The Living God for people to reverence...that God rescues,saves, performs...
Darius was sickly, he died...Cyrus took the throne...Daniel Lived on...and there were no more conspiracies...

These first six chapters give us the history of the survival...but also teach up personal relationship/God's authority is the WORD.

Since I posted two lessons this week...I'll let you drink these in...but be ready for Chapters 7-8 next. We start the Prophetic chapters of the future.

God Bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

King Jesus

Daniel Chp. 3-4

Posted by handmaiden777 on 2006.10.19 at 20:20
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Sorry, that the next installment took so long. I hope everyone is enjoying the LJ Bible Study.

Chapter of Daniel(Open your Bibles)

Nebuchanezzers Statue-this is 10 year later. That dream still troubled him. So, He made his own statue ENTIRELY of Gold. This is like he's defying God. Like The Gold part won't fall. I show you.

Question: Do we ever act like that?

The king wanted his self esteem boosted in that act.

Question: Do we ever do that?

He thinks he can stop it. (this is satanic -secular humanist thinking-ecumenical-Phenomenalistic- pagan -cruel to describe this thinking; one can see tribulation here)

Everyone gets all wrapped up in this. Jews denounced(anti-semitism). This relates to Church and persecution too. DO THIS! BOW OR DIE!

The 3 hebrew boys don't bow!

The King is Mad.

Say this isn't so. Disappointed. Now Bow, the king says.

The boys say we don't Answer to you. We only answer to God. If God wills it, He'll rescue us.

The king is even madder now.

The soldiers are told to stoke the furnace hotter. It's so hot the soldiers are overcome and are killed.

Oops, sorry their soldiers...didn't mean to fry you...but people that's how satan thinks, you think he cares, NOT! satan will burn you...

The 3 boys go in with all the clothing , royalwear, you know it's not fire retardant...but they aren't burned...safe...4th man in the fire!
This verse is controversial. Where is Daniel? He's not there. Could this allude to a pre-tribulation/mid-tribulation rapture for our interpretation. Also, no matter what we go through, we aren't alone. God is there.

Dancing for the Lord. PTL! God is with His. TOTAL COVERING...TOTAL PROTECTION!

The king says PTL! And a second Decree is made. He returns to the God of the Hebrew boys. The worthy are rewarded.

Could this passage be a good lesson for the USA?
Being a part of secular humanism but returning to worship/praise and pray to the one true God?
The phrase the Worthy are rewarded says it all!


Chapter 4 of Daniel

This is one of the most ancient testimonies and it's written by the king himself.

From a Violent King to a "saved" man?

When I read this testimony, people today, good christian folk won't speak and give testimony like the king did....makes you think what we need to do, huh? telling the sign and wonders of your life, what God is doing for you!
We have signs and wonders church. The Resurrection, the revealing of the spiritual kingdom that it illustrates.
~important note for later the anti-christ will perform signs and wonders to trick (Matt 24:24)

A new Man?
-he seems happy and prospering now, Nebuchanezzer does. But, does he really have spiritual peace?
( I am reminded of the of the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus. Did he have peace?)
-Nebuchanezzer was powerful he built of the 7 wonders of the ancient world- The hanging gardens for his homesick wife.

***As we travel these chapters, The King's process through this all...First he says, "Daniel's God." Then. " The Hebrew Boys' God". And He talks a good testimony. But, does he have real relationship with God? The king is progressing, growning...but he really doesn't seem to be there yet...knowing GOD fully....

As you consider this, think about your life. How is it with your relationship with God? Are you like This King-processing through? Are you there yet?

This is a second vision. I trance like state for the King. Ther is a werning for those who rebel and don't listen to dreams. We are decieved.
Things to watch for
1. anything contradicting the Bible
2. things that approve of what Bible calls sin.
3. against virgin birth, divinity of Christ
4. political correctness
5. worship of false gods
6. other religions ignore the Bible.

The king didn't learn anything. Called the magicans in first. Not called Daniel. Only God can intrepret! Of Course, they couldn't tell him the dream answer. (Acts 16:16-19 The slave girl tormenting Paul connection here)

Daniel is called for. The King wouldn't go get True Prophet first. The Holy Spirit is in Daniel.
This king trusted shaminisn, witchcraft,astrology first...these things aren't new. 1800 BC Hindism and Yoga. Only God's guy can do this!

The tree. Is it a Man or A Nation?
-man's accomplishments, authority, tree of protection for all and plenty.

Messenger- holy one from god. * This is controversial- angel or Jesus? Scholars disagree on this.

TIMBER! The tree is cut down to size. Fruit scattered, Animals flee. A calamity to effect all.

The tree stump. There is a hedge of protection on this tree though. Because it's not completely killed. Grace illustrated here. Mercy too. This shows that GOD is in control.

The man will have the mind of an animal for 7 years. A mental affliction? Again, this shows God's power and control. This is a bitter pill to swallow.

Daniel is stunned. He restates the dream. and Tells him that he is the tree. Judgement with Grace.
All these things will happen to him. But, restoration will come when he acknowledges God. So be it.

4: 29-30
God doesn't forgot His Word! This didn't happen immediately. A year passed. The king was out surveying the kingdom with a PRIDEFUL attitude...LOOK WHAT I DID!

Then it happened! POOF! Hair, like feather on his body, Mind of animal, ate grass, dew on body...But even stricken with this tis' grace. God could have let him go on like...Attila...Ghenghis Khan...Hitler...God put off the judgement...but His Word will happen...And when the pride came...immediately it happened.
(aside, with picture of Nebuchanezzer , birdman of babylon, Werewolf like? As word travelled of his condition...who knows what slurred...)

When He said, 7 years later, I was wrong...this ended. He acknowledged God Fully. No one compares to you God!

He was given greater than before by God. He learned humility before God for himself...GOD was a Gentile's God...not just for Chosen-Jewish people...Although through them came this offer of personal relationship. Mich 6:8 reflects this.

So, as the first four chapters tell of history and survival for the 4 hebrew boys. The greater teaching is:
How a king processed though the understanding and acceptance of God not though others, but for himself.

Do you see reflections of your process of personal relationship in this unfolding the story?

God can be and wants to be you God.

King Jesus

The Book of Daniel

Posted by handmaiden777 on 2006.09.26 at 10:08
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Why study Daniel?
-It contains uncovering revelation, helping understanding of God's Word.
-teaches us about God, Politics and Faith
-teaches us to listen to God's Prophets.

Chapters 1-6 contain the events of Daniel and his 3 friends. How they survived living in a pagan world. (These chapters can help us today, AMEN!)

God Had made "Covenants" promises with some men in the Bible.
*Adamic Convenant
*Noahic Covenant(after the flood)
*Abrahamic Covenant
* Mosiac Covenant- this is the covenant honored, remembered here in Babylon. The chronicling.

Daniel means God is my Judge. It was changed to Belteshazzer by the King in Babylon. And that meant whom Bel favors.

Babylon background =

Noah and his 3 sons Shem, Japheth
Nimrod( Land of Shinar
Nimrod esteablishes cities, Erech, Akkad Calneh, Chaldea. These are wicked cities. They are mentioned 300 times in our bibles. City of Satan =Babylon
The tower of Babel insert that.

Now, daniel was a teen when he was taken into exile. He began a trainee for the King's court. The Chaldeans were originally a nomadic tribe near today's Kuwait.
Because the Nouth and South Kingdoms of Isreal were rebellious God's prophetic Word came upon them-scattered and exiled. Thus, this time of Daniel is the fruitition of this Word.

Verse by verse Look:Chapter 1

1- The seige, captives
2- A broken covenant( this shows us today that GOD is actually involved in the affairs of the world)
3- He want royalty, the best ( this was to keep a "puppet king" in Check. Through History when a dominatind force wants to overrule a nation, they take control of younger people and "train, educate them.)

Can we see this in today's World?

4-perfect specimens, Daniel was probably about 13-14.

Think about when you were that age. Awkwardness? rebellious? Did you already have a base for morality,ethics? Could you be easily swayed?
(This may be the reason why they wanted young)

8- Fill them with the best of everything, make it look good.

Does this correlate with the way secular humanist teach today?

6 and 7- The 3 hebrew boys, Daniel's friends. Their Jewish names were
Hananiah- God's gift; Mishael- God is Great: and Azariah God is my helper. The Babblon King changed their names- to Shadrach-lightened by the sun god. Meshach- for a love goddess. and Abednego- for a fire god.

(see in this example how satan want to take ALL THE GOD out of us! Name change, he wants a 100% tranformation against God.)

Do you see this happening today?

Daniel did not defile himself!
-satan may try to overwhelm us , like Daniel was, by putting us in a pagan world,giving our job that we work in for secular, pagan employer, even name change.
-but Daniel refused to be totally immersed, he would not eat their food.
-this may seem to us a small thing. but, it's the small stuff that slips in to trip you up. This chapter should keep us encouraged in the world we must endure. Do what you Have to do. But, do not wholly do all things...especialy the unholy.)

9-16 The Food Test
GOD can do anything! This is not a passage to tell us to be vegatarians! God gave the strength to the 4 and they flourished. think of people today who don't have much materially, but they survive and god Blesses them. This example was to show that GOD IS OMNIPOTENT! Power over all! Which sets up the Dream thing.

17- Visions, dreams
18-21 Tells us how long Daniel remained here. Until Cyrus was king. So, the teaching we can take with us is if we live holy lives, not giving in to the world. Allow God to educate, train us. Then we can be used by God where-ever we are! maybe some will look down and persecute, But God will LIFT and SHOW ALWAYS!

Chapter 2

Covenant with God was made with many Old testament prophets. Isreal was rebellious. Thus, the phrase " time of the Gentiles" came into saying.
Until the Battle of Armageddon and the 2nd Coming of Christ.

1- dream and a troubled king
2-4: The magicans, astrologers came to interpret.
5-7: Terrorism used by the king. If you can't tell me, death to you all.
8: Again this warning
9-11: Of course, they couldn't do it. Only God can interpret. They were trapped.
(when I see these verses, I see today in them. people are tricked by horoscopes, witchcraft, wicca, new Age Dianetics. satan don't care about you. Terrorism used for people following him...compare this to Our God. We have Grace...not terrorism...)

13: the offical went to get Daniel
14: Daniel went to his 3 friends. When we read these verses we can see how we are to address a problem.
step one- permission to address it
step two-Pleading for time
step three- tell close friends
step four-prayer with friends
step five-pray, pray, pray
step six- then PRAISE THE LORD!

(steps we need to ponder, remember)

21: God gives and takes away
22: God reveals the hidden
23: Praise GOD!
24: Then Daniels tells the king not to execute God gave him interpretation.
(we can see these steps here in Daniels song)

25: Arioch and Daniel contrast
-prideful and humility
26: Daniel let's th king have it
27: Acknowledges God, telling king no man can know it.
28: The prophetic word given
29: The dream shown
30: Daniel's interpretation
31-33: The Statue of God....
The times of the Gentiles given, the leaderships. Empires that come, flourish and fall. From the Babylonian -Golden head thru Persian and Medes silver- Belly and thighs of Greeks and Alexander--to Roman Empire--to today and the Nation-states.
Now, all this is future happenings, Babylon is the here and now to the king...imagine to be told you kingdom wouldn't last forever!
34-35: THE ROCK!
Jesus the rock not made by human hands. Watch for the rock.
36-40: the meaning is important, concerning historical future.
41-43: A 5th kingdom feet of iron and clay.
-coming out of the 4th one
-communism, Islam
-where does USA fit in this?
44: sixth Kingdom
-final kingdom
-not an end to world!
45: The Rock
46-49: This king was flat on his face, and knew THE GOD OF DANIEL was all powerful.

King Nebuchanezzer called God, the God of Daniel. This is significance wording and I will discuss more about this that correlates directly with our walk in Chapter 4.

King Jesus

A new Bible Study

Posted by handmaiden777 on 2006.09.26 at 10:05
Things have slowed a bit. I know it's been a few months since any word from 1nightwithaking. The movie of the Same Title Opens October 13th! I can't wait to watch the Queen Esther Movie. Omar Sharif, Peter OToole and Jon Rice Davies are in it.

Well get ready to study Daniel...I will be using the NKJV...But you can use your favorite translation.

Mary, handmaiden777

King Jesus

#7 Persistant Decision(I WILL PERSEVERE)

Posted by handmaiden777 on 2006.05.08 at 15:07
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First, My apoligies for being so long completing this Series. But, perhaps, things are meant in God's time and you all needed to review, reflect on the other 6 decisions...this ties it all up.
The Last Decision: Making the persistant decision (presevering)

Scriptures: John 20: 1-18, Revelations 3: 7-13; Rev. 3:17; Rev. 2:3

I. Read first Rev. 2:3 and Rev. 3:17 in your Bibles.
-These passages are about overcoming
Let's review: The Decisions we need to make.
1. The Responcible Decision- the buck stops here.
2. The Guided Decsion- Seeking Wisdom
3. The Active Decision-being an active person
4. The Certain Decision- having a decided heart.
5. The joyful Decision- The choice to be happy.
6. The compassionate Decision- Having a forgiving spirit, forgiving yourself.

Now, all these decisions are fabulous and I do hope you all have made these decisions thus far.
But, as good as these are. This 7th one is most important, it ties all the others up. It completes the package in other words. If we don't make a persistant decision- perhaps like the seed planted on rocky soil, shallow soil we could be in trouble if this decision doesn't complete our decision making!
-I don't want to whither, do you?

Let's look at some examples of people. Rev. 2:3 Church of Ephesia at one time o.k. but they are dead, living on a reputation. Think about if you have houseplants and you don't water them regularly? What happens to them...maybe this example hits too close, LOL, I forget to water mine , also.

Rev 3:17 Church of Sardis- were totally wiped out by persecution by Rome. But, the ultimate Preservation/ overcoming is provided in this example...Sticking to your guns/beliefs and recieving heavenly reward.

* Here's two reactions...overcoming-presevering...We can't just be Gung Ho in the beginning and rest and let someone else to the work! I know, we all grow up and hear the infamous perminent record card that follows you from high school...but, does it really mean alot...I have have jobs, that didn't care about it. reputation, now, I don't belittle it. It's good to have good standing in life...but what are you doing now? In the here? That's what God will ask.
Also, Sardis, strived, presevered, maybe they all died...but they got the ultimate overcoming. They didn't love this so much it hindered their decision making. See, this world isn't home. Sacramento, Cincinnati, Virginia are just motel 6. Heaven is our real home. Sometimes, we forget that fact. maybe Ephesia needed that reminder?

II. John 20:1-18

Resurrection Power! When I look at this passage, Jesus is the complete, ultimate overcomer! Beat, Bloody, tired, mocked, dehydrated, sufficating, and eventually dying...to dead....then on the third day HE LIVES! Not, many people are resurrected, only Jesus in this manner. The "secret of the resurrection power- Jesus overcame and now WE have Access! To God for personal relationship and to power...power that we may not understand...grasp...only in God's revealing time when it's right for us personally. See, God not putting things on us we can't stand isn't just for the negative things...you don't send a third grader to Calculus class! They couldn't handle it.
But, Take heart, we have the example for preseverance Rev. 3:7-13 The Church of Philadelphia- persistant even though they are little. God will raised them up to show the others, this is how I wanted it done! Being Faithful.
Now, I like Paul's desciption of Faith in the Book of Romans...Faith is Fidelios in Latin. Maybe you think of Banks, Fidelity( trustworthy, obedient are words to come to mind). Blind Faith---but more importantly OBEDIENT FAITH, LOYAL FAITH...FAITH BECAUSE YOU LOVE THE FATHER AND WANT TO. The Latins have a deeper defination of Faith and Love than the greeks. Faith that goes all the way.
See why making a decision and sticking to it is so important! God doesn't want sacrifice He wants Obedience.


** Remember, That you were created with the ability to be a World Changer, Every Decision you make, every action you take...matters...However, the converse is also true, every decision you don't make...every action you don't take matters just as much.**

Lt. Joshua Chamberlain was a Union Soldier officer in the American Civil War. He wasn't really trained in Miltitary. He was just a Maine School Teacher. But, He was place in the heat of battle on that hill in Gettysburg with confederate soldiers coming. His Decision and action to Charge changed the outcome not only of the battle, but perhaps the war. The South was defeated at Gettysburg and surrendered at Appomattox, VA. If he hadn't said " CHARGE". The United Stated would probably look like European countries...World War 1, World War 2 would have been different since the USA wouldn't have been a superpower. Desert Storm , War in Iraq now, and Saddam's capture would not be the same. See, the decision that ONE WORD made in 1860's on people today.

This is an example to show you that you don't even have an inkling how one person's word/action can have an effect! And it shows that we are all connected!

The Ripple felt years from now? A butterfly effect- a butterfly can flap it's wings over Africa , air molecules move, a hurricane can occur in the Gulf of Mexico. This is true Physicist proven that in the 1990's.

We can take all these decisions and be WORLD CHANGERS!

Agree with this, the Resurrection Power we now have access to.

Overcome. Presevere. Don't give up! Don't let NO exist to you!

King Jesus

Decision #6 The Compassionate Decision

Posted by handmaiden777 on 2006.04.07 at 15:27
(Having a forgiving Spirit, forgiving self)

I. On Having a forgiving Spirit-

Define Forgiveness-
Forgiveness is the overcoming of negative affect and judgment toward the offender, not by denying ourselves the right to such affect and judgment, but by endeavoring to view the offender with benevolence, compassion, and even love, while recognizing that he or she has abandoned the right to them. The important parts of this definition are as follows: a) one who forgives has suffered a deep hurt, thus showing resentment; b) the offended person has a moral right to resentment but overcomes it nonetheless; c) a new response to the other accrues, including compassion and love; d) this loving response occurs despite the realization that there is no obligation to love the offender (Subkoviak, Enright, Wu, Gassin, Freedman, Olson, Sarinopoulos, 1992, p.3).

That's probably a fancy way of saying it. But, what does to forgive mean to you in real life? To say I forgive someone.

Matthew 8: 21-25
Peter is curous- now we may know from Peter's action of previous-he may have gotten hot under the collar somewhat, speaking out first, not thinking...so he asks Jesus How many times do I have to forgive? The famous 7 times 70 answer of Jesus...

Now that didn't mean Peter could keep a tally 490 times is all that I am forgiving a person! Deeper meaning NEVER STOP forgiving. If someone hurts you, forgive them.

I think In this society today, WE DON'T like to hear this teaching of Jesus! Turn the other cheek philosophy. We still want blood, revenge, eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth under the law! My personal opinion To go to War for a just cause is commedable...but pre emptive strikes...aren't conveying turh the other cheek ministry of Jesus here. Here is an example:

My Seminary Professor teaching Sunday School for Adults, he was teaching Jesus' Teachings in a Lutheran Church. Turn the other cheek came up, and of course A Evangelic Christians' decision to make war. Premptive...This Lady said Jesus was WRONG in His teaching on the war! WOW, How Brazen, Jesus is Wrong??? WOW, more than I could think about.

This is just an example of us today, we don't like this forgiveness , turn the other cheek philosophy. Why not? We are supposed to be Christ imitators? Right. Jesus never mumbled a word and die on the cross, if anyone had a right to Kill all there...was Him...but He didn't. Never stop forgiving.

Even though It's hard, making the decision to be compassionate and having a forgiving spirit is a must in becoming a World Changer!

But, even as hard as it is. Forgiving others is easier than my #2 point here.

II. Forgiving yourself

2 Cor. 2:7-10

Paul is telling the jewish christian not to place burdens on Gentiles they can't handle as new converts...meaning dietary law and circumcison.

Something we are out own worst enemy. We come to christ and ask for His forgiveness, then we listen to satan lie to us and we want to believe that we can't be saved, really...Would God really forgive the things I did? YES HE DID...But, satan wants you not to believe it. Why is it so hard for us to forgive yourself? Satanic lies....media...society expectations probably all contribute...But, we need to go and refresh the decision to be Happy here....don't let satan lie to you...God created you special, He loves you, He is so happy that you have come to believe in his Son and accepted Him and made confession with your mouth Jesus is Lord! You can have intimacy in Him. It's so precious, don't let Devil steal it.

When satan tries to beat you up remember this Luke 23:24 Father forgive them they know not what they do.

Now, Jesus entered Jerusalem with palms and praises only to have some of those same people shout out crucify Him on Friday! He willingly took the stripes, beat practically till the point of death, hardly in any condition to stand before Pilate, he stood not mumbling a word...accepting totally the cross...the suffering...and most of all OUR SIN...even the Passion of the Christ movie cannot really even begin to portray.

Jesus didn't just forgive those mocking and killing Him then and there. But, that statement is for ALL, especially us in this time. Jesus before any of us before we were born-forgave us because we don't know what we do either. Fantastic power in that one verse. Remember it, when satanic lies begin.

If Jesus forgave you 2000 years ago approximately. When you didn't exist yet, no less. Believe this wholly!

Now, if Jesus forgive you...forgive yourself!

Make the decision to be compassionate! This Decision and the others will make you a World Changer!

" You were created with the ability to be a World Changer...Every decision you make...Every action you take...matters...However, the converse it also true...Every Decision you don't make and Every action you don't take Matters just as Much!"

Now, that you have heard the word on deciding...we hope in certainity you have decided to follow Jesus.
Another decision is making a choice to be joyful, happy. Which is really a challenge in this world! How many truly happy people do we know? Are you and I truly happy? Happiness is a choice.

Hopefully, we have people in our communities that we can pull from as example of truly happy people. Look at them. Why are they so happy? What is going on in their lives? I bet everything isn't coming up roses. (I.e. illnesses, grieving, suffering). Satan likes to spread the lie- humans aren't and cannot be happy. But, accept it- it it a lie! Choose Happy!

What are some things we can do to be happy? prayer, go to God's Word, look to examples of happy people for starters...but you have the power...you choose to be happy...

{Interview with God- One night I dreamed that I got to interview God. If he had the time? He smiled. he has eternity. I asked, " What surprises you about mankind? " He said, " They are bored with childhood and rush to grow up, then long for childhood....They break their health working for money, then have to use money to work for health...They are anxious about the future, but really spend no time in past,present,future...they Live as they will never die, but they die and they never really lived...}

Not being anxious, really living....leads to happiness? You answer that one for your self?

Some Scriptures to help you attain and choose Happy:

Isaiah 41:10 No fear in the Lord, He's always on your side.
Psalm 16:11 ,Prov. 3;13, 1 Cor. 2:9, Rom. 14:17, Psalm 100, Matt 5:3-12 All joy, happy, and wisdom tools
Phi. 4:11-13 Apostle Paul's BE CONTENT!
2 Cor. 12:9 Grace Sufficent!
Phi. 1:18 Conclusion to Be Happy now and always!

Reflect on these passage anytime for your review. BE HAPPY! CHOOSE HAPPY!

So be it.

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